Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Star quality

Oh, wow. I expected the Louisiana iris to be nice, but not quite this nice.

It feels a bit like a Royal visit (if I was a monarchist, that is, but I'm not). Movie star. Yes, definitely an A-list movie star. Here, in my backyard!

I know I've shown you photos of my sage plant only recently, but it keeps on getting prettier and more covered in flowers as each day passes. I've never seen it looking this good before, and this plant has been here for several years now.

What the hell, one more pic of it. And this is meant to be just the culinary herb, Salvia officinalis, the 'official' one used by apothecaries (and cooks). As a welcoming committee for our movie star from Louisiana, it couldn't look any better. Of course they're getting on famously, my official blue welcoming committee and the movie star.

Finally, some action with the Nigella, the love-in-a-mist. No 'love' (ie, the flowers) yet, but we're getting a nice green mist developing as each day passes. Can't wait, but I'll have to!


Unknown said...

Beautiful iris.

lotusleaf said...

Lovely blue flowers. The iris resembles the blue Himalayan iris.

Rock rose said...

Those sage flowers are gorgeous. I can barely keep Salvia officinalis alive through a season, let alone get it to flower. How strange to have Louisiana iris in Australia!

life in a pink fibro said...

Hi Jamie, hope you don't mind but I have, er, filched a shot of silverbeet from 2008 to run on my blog tomorrow (up from 10pm tonight). Have linked back with a huge recommendation for people to check out your lovely blog, so I hope that's okay. Your iris is gorgeous, by the way. A

Jamie said...

Hi Allison, feel free to filch!

Anonymous said...

Hey GM,
Very beautiful, I love to see your blog, the way you write with so much in love and Enthusiasm.
It helps me a lot too with my very little garden and inspires me as well.
I am in very hot and dry climate so I have many restriction with plants. If you can guide me little it will be real gr8 help.
Thanks a lot :)

Chookie said...

Oooh, that IS lovely!