Monday, October 18, 2010

Chilling out

I was looking at the little spinning globe thingy on the top right side of my blog, the one which records little red dots for all the different places where visitors to my blog have come from. I love the fact that there are dotty people on every continent dropping in here occasionally. I sometimes wonder how people in Uzbekistan, Alaska, the Congo, central Saudi Arabia and all sorts of very different places could end up here, but they do, and I love it. So, as I explored the world checking out visitors I then spun the globe around to the view from way, way, way Down Under and – shock, horror – there are no gardeners in Antarctica!

And so I was wondering if anyone out there has a relative working somewhere in Antarctica who could do me a little favour. If you contact them via email, could you ask them to drop by and visit Jamie at Garden Amateur, so I can have a nice red dot on that crisp, white background, to complete my "red dots on all continents" collection?

I guess I could do a posting on "fun with algae" or "hardy mosses for windy spots" or "coping with frosts below -50°C" to increase my chances of a spontaneously generated Antarctic dot, but I hope the quicker route of appealing for readers to email relatives serving on an Antarctic scientific station might do the trick.

In the meantime, a big THANK YOU to all those dotty visitors out there, wherever you are, including Antarctica. I plan to keep a lookout for red dots way, way down South.


Liss said...

I love that dotty globe! How cool is that!! Don't know anyone in Antarctica but shall look for updates! :D

patientgardener said...

Sorry I dont know any one in the antartic but will now be waiting on tender hooks to see if you get a red dot there!

michelle said...

Love your spinning globe! Hope you get the desired dot soon.

Sue O said...

They probably found you on the "next blog" button like I did!

Natti said...

Hello Jamie,
I found out about this from your site earlier and added it to mine. A really neat utility.

Jem @ Lost in Utensils said...

Lol...I'd probably be a bit worried if there were a quite a few red dots in Antarctica. Something might be going on there that we don't know about!