Sunday, May 26, 2013

Green finery

At last, a few days of rain, and again I'm reminded that there's a magic ingredient inside raindrops that good old tap water simply doesn't have. Stepping outside this sunny morning and all the greens were greener, the plants definitely happier, plump with growth. Though late May here is hardly a time for flower shows, it's a wonderful time to appreciate the beauty, complexity and sheer diversity of foliage. And that's what this little Sunday post is all about. Fab foliage.  

Pretty little chervil, a whole pot full of it
looking like a forest for tiny elves to hide inside.

Porky plump English spinach loved all that rain.

Rough as a cat's tongue, silvery sage.

Sandwich-bound this lunchtime, the mixed
salad bowl is a harmony of colours and textures.
The foliage of Florence fennel is wonderfully light and fine,
the garden's best dewdrop catcher every cool autumn morning. 
Back to the chervil, though, it's all coming up
from seed and in the full freshness of youth its
green is so light, the foliage soft yet dense.


Michelle said...

It's all so lovely and fresh. I'm quite taken with your likening of the sage leaf to a cat's tongue. And I do miss my frilly chervil. It's getting to be a dry and dusty time of year here - so nice to see some fresh greens.

Diana Studer said...

sandwich bound for lunch - I need to work on that!

dirtgirl said...

Very envious of that sage and chervil Jamie. You are so right about that drop of rain we had, nothing like they promised us, but how the garden springs to life and those weeds become so easy to pull out. I had friends to lunch yesterday and was able to fill a bowl with salad leaves and radishes, as well as plenty of herbs for the Vietnamese salad. The joy of growing your own crops!

Lanie at Edible Urban Garden said...

So true. The rain we had was fantastic for the garden.