Monday, May 20, 2013

Times a' changing

Should we ever misplace all our calendars, gardeners would always have a very good idea of what day it is simply by looking at what's happening out in their patch. Like this morning, when I wandered outside to discover that it's June right now! Surely. The first of the orchids are open, so it's the first half of June. They always open then. Alas, we're having a weirdo of a year as far as timings go, and things aren't happening when they should. (The fact it's also warm and sunny this morning should have been the big hint that it isn't really June, Jamie.)

Poor old regular readers of my blog. Every June I post a photo
of these cymbidium orchids, as a ceremony to mark the times.
Yet this year this orchid started blooming last week in fact, almost
a full month ahead of schedule.
Much better at time-keeping this year, our street
tree, a pink-flowering gum, Eucalyptus
leucoxylon var. 'Rosea' started its cool season
blooming right on schedule, in early April.
If all goes according to normal patterns (and
that's a big assumption) it should still be in
bloom, feeding the raucous lorikeets, wattlebirds
and clever little New Holland honeyeaters
in mid-September. What a tree!
Lots of other plants are having a weird year here. The frangipani, which should be dropping leaves now, is still full of leaf with a few flowers soldiering on. And the zygocactus (Schlumbergera), which always bursts into bloom in early May, is only now sending out its flower buds, and they'll be lucky to bloom before June arrives.

Of course, the answer to all this weirdness is the weather, as it always is. Summer saw all-time record high temperatures, while this May has been virtually devoid of rain, and we've also got close to Sydney's record for the number of consecutive days with temperatures above 20°C (68°F) for May, our last month of autumn here.

Not complaining, mind you. Wouldn't dare. Just observing!


Lanie at Edible Urban Garden said...

I love seeing your orchid flowering each year Jamie. Also gives me permission to rant on about the beautiful autumn leaves of the persimmon tree (which I too, repeat in late June each year!).

Alex Krasovskis said...

I like that orchid Jamie

dirtgirl said...

Definitely a strange year in the garden here in Sydney. I noticed my Spring flowering Narcissus are in bloom, rose bushes still blooming madly, there are flowers on the lemon tree and Zygocactus are all starting to bloom. Plus few of my trees have dropped their leaves, even the Maples are fully clothed! We are also still picking lots of tomatoes every day, they have been in for 9 months now! But oh do we need that rain so much, I am over handwatering (from rain tank) most days. Lucky you with the beautiful orchid, since moving here some years ago, my orchids refuse to flower, no matter how nicely I speak to them or whatever feed I give them.

hearts_in_asia said...

I really feel like Autumn has only just started here in SA. It's been so warm, and so dry up until about a fortnight ago. Autumn is my favourite season, so I'm really hoping we don't end up virtually skipping and and head straight into Winter!

Jamie said...

Dirtgirl: that's a shame about your orchid. Have you tried repotting them?

Hearts in Asia: I'm with you, I feel a bit gypped that we've missed out on a classic autumn, with its mix of warmth, cold, rain and sunshine. I love that season the best, too. But the warmth has been nice...

And Lanie, feel free to post your annual persimmon celebrations, they always look great.