Sunday, March 21, 2010

The show must go on!

My ginger lilies definitely haven't had a glorious summer and autumn this year, yet I do not abandon hope! Having grumbled about blinking and missing the show only a few weeks ago, it's time to correct the record and say the show ain't over yet folks. However I do confess that I have done my best to sabotage things, but it was an accident, your honour. Let me explain...

Oops! I'm always adding stuff to my tumbler compost bin, and the ginger lily stems form part of the jungle I have to get past in order to get to the lid. A few weeks back I heard the nasty cracking sound of a ginger lily stem snapping as I 'moved' it to one side. "Another one lost" I thought at the time. Sure enough the stem was bent at right angles, a goner. And yet when I ventured out into Compost Land recently, what did I see but a ginger lily flower determined to put on an entertaining show. What a trooper!

This flower knows that the right way up is skywards, no matter where your stupid stem is pointing. And so in a few days from now it'll be show time, starring one very determined little ginger lily flower.

In fact that isn't the last of them, either. Another stem which was growing a bit on the sideways side has tossed up a high-kicking showgirl, who'll no doubt follow in the fine tradition set by the others. I'm proud of them, even if they're probably not all that keen on me.


Liss said...

Despite the dramas, you make me want to rush out and buy some ginger lillies! They would look gorgeous right next to my bedroom window... mmm

Chandramouli S said...

I love reading you posts for they have different tastes (you know what I mean, dontcha). I remember seeing Ginger lilies somewhere during my vacation last year. I remember it for it's fragrance!