Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seed racing

Let's call it a dead heat. Rocket and lettuce. Seeds sown Sunday, both were up by the time I got home from work late Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately I wasn't there to see the winner emerge, but it must have been a photo finish!

Rocket is more consistently quick to sprout throughout the year. Four days is the average.

Lettuce is quick when the weather suits it, but at other times of year it slows down, taking up to a week to sprout.

Interestingly, only half the lettuce seeds are up. I bought a packet of mixed 'mesclun' lettuce seed, and in the right-side punnets I planted all light-coloured lettuce seeds, and in the left punnets I planted all dark-coloured lettuce seeds. The lights won the lettuce race but I'll never know who won the vegie race. That was a very quick dead heat.


michelle said...

The same thing happened with my romaine lettuce duo, one type sprouted faster than the other. I don't remember which sprouted first, the dark or the white seeds.

Lanie said...

Great stuff - love the seed races so much more than the horsey type!