Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Here's wishing all the mothers in Australia and elsewhere a very happy and pleasant Mothers Day today. I think they also celebrate Mothers Day on this same day in the US, Canada, NZ, India and South Africa, but it's celebrated in March in the UK and to be frank I just gave up looking up all the Mothers Day dates around the world after that, lazy old me on this fine, sunny Sunday morning in Sydney. 

My own Mum moved up to heaven back in 1980, so my 'Mum' for a very long time has been Pam's mum, Val, who we're having lunch with today. A while back I spotted a very worn-out, chipped and faded little gnome planter pot at a secondhand store, and so this year I decided to paint it up, plant it with some Jelly Beans succulents from my garden, and give it to Val as a little Mothers Day gift.

Val is a very good gardener, a true 'plant whisperer' who can make anything grow, and whose garden of potted plants in her townhouse is a thriving, happy jungle of colourful plants lucky to be in the care of such a gardener. So next time I see this little pot of Jelly Beans it'll be bigger and better than ever (not putting any pressure on you here, Val!). Happy Mothers Day Val, and the rest of the world's mothers, too.


Diana Studer said...

My mother preferred to celebrate Mothering Sunday in Lent - that's the tradition she grew up with in England. Yesterday is a commercial date which began in the USA.

Sue O said...

Ooh, I love this little succulent too!

joy said...

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Unknown said...

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