Saturday, May 24, 2014

Being Co-operative - Week 2

Go on, call me deadly dull, I don't care. I'm finding this vegie-co-op experience an interesting one. The way it works is that each week, a different couple from the co-op does the shopping at the markets, and so what you get each week differs quite markedly from the previous one. Here's what we found in this week's "chef's challenge" boxes.

A giant, deep green plume of silver beet, the leafies next to it
belong to golden beetroot. A huge bag of green beans, a small
bag of baby spinach, broccoli, lots of potatoes and onions,
sweet potatoes, red bullhorn capsicums, and a baby Cos lettuce.
In the fruit box, lemons aplenty, two small pineapples, Valencia
oranges, Imperial mandarins, Bartlett pears, Gala apples and
big, juicy tomatoes, all from an organic grower.
I just have to show you this architecturally fascinating sweet
potato. Wonder how that happened? Did it grow around an
old piece of root left in the vegie patch?
That sweet potato is a beautiful example of the delights of growing root vegies like parsnips, potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes etc. Every now and then a truly mind-boggling weirdo makes its grand entrance. As I said earlier, call me deadly dull if you like, but weirdo root vegies do hold a modicum of fascination on otherwise quite and uneventful Saturday mornings.

Next week it's week 3 of the boxes full of edible surprises. It's a good thing we're in this vegie co-op caper for just four weeks, as I cannot see the novelty wearing off that quickly. Bring on the next one, I say!

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Padaek said...

Oh my, that sweet pot sure is precious! :D