Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pammy's art demonstration, Sunday Dec 22, from 2-4pm

Here's a quick little reminder for Sydney-based Garden Amateur blog readers, that tomorrow afternoon, Sunday December 22, from 2-4pm, Pam will be doing a live demonstration of how she works on a botanical painting at the Eden Gardens Garden Centre, at Lane Cove Road, North Ryde. So, if you're in the area, drop in and check out Pam's solo art exhibition, "Inspiration & Observation", and come on over to say hello. We'd love to meet some of our lovely blog readers, and I know you'll enjoy Pam's exhibition and demonstration.

Here's a few examples of the pieces she has in her show, which has 52 artworks for sale in all. And here's a link to her new website, which has many more images to browse.


Sue O said...

Her art is so gorgeous. Some day I shall have to own one. It will necessitate another trip to Sydney. Darn. 8-)

Jamie said...

Let us know when you're in Sydney next, Sue. It would be lovely to meet you and say hello one of these days.

Sue O said...

I will do that. I would love to meet you both and see your garden. We have a nephew in Sydney, so will probably land there again, even though I want to head north to Brisbane and the Great Barrier Reef next time. Might be a couple of years!