Saturday, October 6, 2012

View from the gallery

I really should have asked my PR agent Gulliver to handle this blog posting, but he's busy pulling weeds out of the succulent patch for me this cloudy, drizzly morning, so I'll step in and handle this little publicity assignment. 

Pammy is opening her second solo exhibition tomorrow afternoon in the art gallery at the Eden Gardens Garden Centre on Lane Cove Road in North Ryde (it's huge, you can't miss it), and if you'd like to combine a visit to a fab garden centre with a bit of art gallery browsing, please drop by and say "hello" if you're in the area. We're going to be there from about 2pm onwards.
Pam's exhibition is called 'The Backyard, Balcony and Beyond'
 and I guess this image of a Halloween display she spotted in
New York qualifies in the 'beyond' category!  
Pam had a super-successful first solo exhibition here at Eden Gardens last year, and in the last few months she's been hard at work painting for this show (as well as for the group exhibition which she just completed at Gallery Red in Glebe).

While her Gallery Red exhibition focused on our American travels, this solo show at Eden Gardens is much more focused on our garden and plants in general, although she loves food and cooking so much these are part of the mix, too. I'm hopelessly biased, of course, and I love her work as much as I love her (which is with all my heart), but I really do think my Pammy has a wonderfully distinctive eye and style. If you can't make it tomorrow, hopefully you might be able to drop in sometime between now and when the show closes, on October 31.

It's a funny little world we blog-writers and blog-readers live in, meeting each other online every day or so, but actually saying hello rarely or never happens. So if you do get a chance to drop by, please don't be shy. Come on over and say hello. It'd be a thrill to meet a few real-live blog readers!


Lithopsland said...
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Lithopsland said...

Awww-ohhh, to your line and to Pammy's artwork. I love it!!! It's beautiful. The colours are gorgeous & detailing wonderful. Will try to make a visit tomorrow & say hi, otherwise will try to pop in before the 31st! Compliments to Pammy! Gulliver ought to be careful otherwise he might lose his job. ;)

Jamie said...

That's great news, hope you can make it!

But I'll never take Gulliver's job, he's got that chutzpah that all real PR people have in spades. He said my effort at PR was OK, for a beginner, but that I really should stick to gardening.

Ngeun said...
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Lithopsland said...

Lol, is that Gulliver with the red hat in the pic above? I could not do his job either! ;)

Jamie said...

Now I've figured out who you're talking about Lithopsland! That tiny gnome in the garden panorama shot at the top of my blog is Mitchell, my Librarian gnome, who likes to read books all day.

Gabyhandyman said...

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digging up the dirt said...

Oh great I live nearby so I might just pop and have a look. The picture reminds me of lovely crisp autumn days.

You are lucky to have a weed puller in the garden. Enjoying your blog

Anonymous said...

what a lovely painting !

Min said...

Congratulations & best wishes to Pam for her exhibition. I would really like to see it but I don't think I'll get the opportunity unfortunately.
I adore watercolour (particularly botanical) painting. I have tried to learn but I end up with warped paper covered in blobs of muddy colour I'm afraid!