Monday, October 15, 2012

Little beginnings

As I wander around my garden each morning I feel a bit like the traditional old London Bobby on his beat: "Ello Ello Ello, what's going on 'ere?"

Had two such episodes this morning, both cute.

The first blush of Christmas colour on my NSW
Christmas bush. Though it flowers white it's really
valued for its pink bracts which follow the flowers,
and this morning the first of them started to colour up.

Down in the vegie patch a little village of fungi huts
have popped up around the beetroot seedlings. 
Every single day there's always something happening, all you need to do is look.


Northern Shade said...

I enjoy making the garden rounds, with my secateurs swinging by my side in place of a baton. Finding new blooms or sprouts here and there is always fun.

Your Christmas bush will have quite a transformation when it changes from white to bright pink.

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gardenglut said...

I love Christmas bush, it is so pretty

Ngeun said...

Those fungi huts look very cool, lol. :)