Thursday, September 20, 2012

I think they like it here!

I really do think they like it here. Who? My succulents, of course. You can read all about the succulent garden makeover here, if you like, but a couple of weeks down the track and they're starting to either send up flowers or produce new leaves. We have had a wonderful spring so far, with lots of sunshine, and all the succulents seem to be saying "we like this new, extra-sandy soil and all that sunshine" in the nicest possible way.

I'm always in a muddle about the correct names for 
succulents. This person sending up a flower stalk is
either a haworthia or an aloe. Haven't got a clue
what's right, as they both look very similar.

This is the amazing flower stalk of one of my gasterias.

And here's the bottom half of that gasteria.

Again, I'm not sure of its name, but by Googling at
Google Images I think this is a Graptoveria, but the
main thing is that it is sending up a flower stalk.

Ditto this one, great to see the flower stalk coming up,
and my best guess is that it's a Graptopetalum.

I'd never get a job at a succulent nursery, as I'm not
sure of this one's name, either, but Google and I think
this is a Pachyphytum flower stalk, because...

... this is its mum.

Oh hell, ummm... arrr... another Pachyphytum? No
flower stalks yet, but the foliage has coloured up really
gorgeously since leaving the confines of its pot.

And this little Sedum is so happy here it has, in the
last two weeks, put a very rosy glow on its cheeks.
So everything is barrelling along nicely here in the shiny new succulent patch. The only downside I've noticed so far is that the weed seeds are thanking me very much for so thoroughly digging over all that soil and bringing them up to the surface where they can sprout. They are brushing past the pebble mulch as if the pebbles were turnstiles at a sports ground and I'm plucking the weeds out like bouncer removing troublemakers from a brawl.

Apart from that it's all sunny days, flower stalks, new growth, rosy cheeks and scratching my head about what their real names are. So far, so succulent!


prue said...

Those are some happy looking succulents (and I've got no idea of their names either, they usually just get called spikey or pinky or 'that one' in the balcony garden.)

EileenA EileenA said...

very pretty, succulent garden!