Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Creche expectations

Venturing out into the garden every morning during spring with my little camera in my pocket feels like I am gathering the news, except that I'm mostly a reporter for the new births department of the local Daily Star. And so here's this morning's news from our backyard creche.
The NSW Christmas Bush family are proud to
announce the arrival of their first open bloom, the
first of several hundred to follow. They have every 

expectation that their little pale babies will in due course
turn into many bracts (not brats) in festive pink.

Tip: click on the first photo above and it should 
(hopefully) turn into a clickable slideshow of all the
other photos (although I don't think this will work
in the emailed version of this blog, sorry!).
Our visitors from Louisiana say they just love it here
in Sydney and their new daughter, Iris, promises
to be a resplendent blue Southern Belle very soon. 
This feisty little Australian native orchid, though it's
no bigger than a five-cent piece, would like everyone
to know that it is a fully formed adult, thanks very much. 
Poking its head out amongst the figs and orchids
to see what's happening, this little bromeliad bloom
from the South American rainforests is looking 

forward to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016. 
And though rather hairy legged and bald at the moment
this baby Roma tomato will soon be growing rapidly 

on a steady diet of water and healthy organic feeding. 
Quite honestly, I simply couldn't decide which photo
of our young Roma tomato I liked the most, so I
decided to include both of them, because I can.   
Spring really is a wonderful time of year to be in a garden with a little camera in your back pocket to capture what's going on. There's lots happening!


Newcastle Gardener said...

I like both the roma tomatoes - and good for you for keeping up to date with your images.

Lithopsland said...

Lol, that's great. Spring is just magnificent, and you're blessed with such wonderful colours & characters. Hope they behave themselves. The native orchid looks v. pretty & you're very kind with showing both photos of the roma tomatoes, lol. Congrats!!

Catherine said...

Great photos Jamie. Love to see that iris in full bloom!

Lanie said...

Nice to see baby Roma that I heard about. She's lovely.

Helen/patientgardener said...

Oh you are like a proud father showing all his babys photography. I love the little purple orchid so pretty

PJ said...

Tomatoessss!!!! Looks like the garden is coming along wonderfully again this year. :)

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