Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mirror magic

I love the clear morning sunshine at our place, it's so fresh and clean in the way it beams through foliage like X-rays and sets flower colours alight in the early hours. Right now our garden is not all that afire with spring flowers, but with a well-placed mirror against the shed at the rear of the garden, at least we had twice as many flowers to enjoy this morning (that's lavender in the left pot, tibouchina on the right).

This is close to the view from our back door, brought up a bit closer here by the zoom lens on the camera. In fact I was standing in the kitchen looking out when the 'mirrored' view struck me as one worthy of both a pic and blog posting.
As the mirror is under the eaves of the shed, its gaps have been filled with silicone sealer, and its frame has been covered with about 4 layers of outdoor furniture varnish-sealant, it's standing up to the rigours of outdoor living quite well. Another good idea of Pammy's. "Let's put a mirror right there, in that spot, because you'll be able to see flowers reflected in it when you stand by the back door in the morning," she said a few years go. And she's right, you know!


Lanie at Edible Urban Garden said...

Looks great. Is it a standard mirror? I have thought about putting a mirror somewhere in the garden but haven't known what type to buy. I gather yours is a standard mirror that you have sealed.

Jamie said...

Hi Lanie
It was just an ordinary mirror found in pretty good condition at a local second-hand store, intended for use indoors. I think putting under the eaves of the shed is the big thing in its happy survival so far. It only gets splashed with rain on those horribly windy days, the rest of the time it's fairly protected.

Lithopsland said...

What a wonderful idea it is to have a mirror in the garden! Not only does it give your garden a mysterious mirror effect, but it also does a great job at doubling the flora and colours of your garden. It’s such a clever idea. I think more people should have/use mirrors in their gardens. :)

Ambra Sancin said...

What a great idea. I'd like to add a mirror that's about 10 m x 5 m to make my garden look bigger. Has anyone in blogland watched 'Monty Don's Italian Gardens' currently screening on ABC1? It's wonderful. I'm hooked. I've blogged about it, couldn't help myself.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.