Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cheater's chooks

I'm not sure how my workmate Chris cottoned on to the fact that I've been thinking about getting chooks, but when some props from a recent gardening promotion ended up in the back of her Land Rover, she immediately thought of me. "Would you like these decorative tin chooks?" she asked. Nanoseconds later I blurted out "yes", and so now I am the very happy owner of two cheater's chooks, nicely hand-painted roosters made from tin.

There could only be one place for these two. My shed window.

Not sure which variety they are. Rhode Island Rascals? Whynots? But until I can figure out how I could actually incorporate a couple of chooks into the heavily planted jumble of my backyard, they'll have to do. They're my 'Aspirational' chooks.

Not a patch on the real thing, sure. And they're boys, so there's definitely no chance of eggs, but as they're made from tin at least there's no chance of crowing, either. And until I can figure out where a couple of chooks could live happily here in my crowded little plot, I'll have to be content with a pair of nicely painted cheats.


Evelyn Howard said...

These are really nice ones - they look good in yr shed.

greenfumb said...

They won't get heat stroke like mine either!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

LOL aspirational chooks - I'll have to get a couple for my garden - we're keen to get chooks as well, but leaving it until after summer.

Cait :)