Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And now, the radio show

And now for a little experiment in 'blog radio'. Every second Saturday I do a segment on Don Burke's popular gardening radio show on 2UE (AM 954) in Sydney on Saturday and Sunday mornings, 6am to 9am, which is also syndicated around the country to lots of other stations.

My little bit on the 'Burke's Backyard' show is about growing vegies and cooking at home with them, and I always include a recipe that people can access at the Burke's Backyard website. As I work for the Burke's Backyard magazine, I invariably slip in a plug for our latest issue whenever I get a chance (shameless I am). I've been doing these radio spots for about 18 months now, and I thought that for a change of pace on my blog, you could listen to me prattle on, rather than reading what I have to say.

Don's full show on both days can be heard via podcast here but for my little experiment I thought I'd open up Garage Band on my Mac and figure out how it all works, with the aim of slicing off just my bit (a 6-minute segment, complete with theme song) and posting it here as an MP3 file on my blog.

I think I've done it all correctly, but I'd love to find out whether it worked OK at your end of the line, so please let me know how it all went. If the experiment works, I thought I might add 'blog radio' as an occasional feature here at Garden Amateur. Anyway, here goes, Saturday October 31, all about beans.

'Blue Lake' bean flower, from last year's yummy crop.

(And as per Melinda's suggestion, here's a link to the bean recipe I mention in the radio spot.)


Melinda said...

I enjoyed listening to your radio segment - it worked fine. You should post a link to your bean recipe. Looks yummy!

Jamie said...

Thanks Melinda, good idea!

Onesimus said...

The audio segment works fine for me, but since I'm at work right now I'll have to wait until I get home to listen to it properly.
I'll be interested to hear it in full instead of the brief snippet I was able to hear a few minutes ago.

I'm quite pleased with the progress of my own beans so far. I sowed Lazy Housewife and Purple king (I think that's the name). Something took a liking to the lazy housewife and did a bit of damage early on, but they have picked up very well.

The purple ones have been amazing and the plants seem much more vigorous than the other type - they also haven't attracted the attention of any pests.

It will be interesting to see if there's any significant difference with the crop from each. I've tried the lazy house wife before and have been very happy with them.

BTW. I bought Don's new book on the weekend and enjoyed the section on your garden.

Jamie said...

Hi Onesimus

Glad to hear it all came through OK. And very glad to hear you picked up our new book. I think November is going to turn into a month of shameless self-promotion, as I was planning to do a blog entry in the next couple of days about the new 'Organic' vegie-growing book which, as you say, has a chapter on my little garden (written by me – I wasn't going to let anyone else do it).

And yep, Purple King is the name of that bean, and Diggers sells a zillion Lazy Housewife beans every year! The pest attacking your beans might have been whitefly, I suspect.

ethereal01 said...

Hi Jamie,

Your radio segment was great :)I'm excited to plant out my beans now! You should definately add more segments in future.

Also the book looks great, I'll check it out.

tiger said...