Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rainbow morning

It was more the quality of light itself which caught my eye this morning, saying to me "get the camera out, there's something happening".

My favourite photo enhancer – rain – was making everything shiny, cool and clean (apart from my muddy shoes). The cumquat fruit in particular look lovely dusted with droplets.

The rain itself is the showery stuff. Heavy at times, stopping suddenly then beginning again as if on a switch.

Glistening paths and glowing colours. The sun was doing its best to break through. The light was more yellow than golden, but all the greens and yellows had their saturation setting a few clicks richer this morning.

Wandering a little further out into the garden as the rain eased, the patch of blue suddenly opening up in the active clouds allowed the morning sun to warm to its work.

And then I finally managed to turn around and look back over the house. You can see a hundred rainbows and be delighted each time, and then when you see your hundred and first it's the same thrill as the first. Wow!

Rushing through the house to the front landing – chasing rainbows no less – the wonderful full arc reveals itself.

Touching down to Mother Earth – peaceful, quiet lightning – the rainbow's colours become richer then fainter as the clouds behind darken then lighten up, as the sun's beams wax and wane through the busily drifting clouds.

What a welcome way to start a day! For me, it's not a gardening day. It's a working day, a very busy one in fact. I'm about to rush off to see another issue of a magazine off to the printer, then hustle a book a few more stages in the same direction as well. And attend planning meetings too when they can be squeezed in. And now, this wonderful rainbow-powered start to the day has put all this frantic activity into a better, healthier perspective.

Slow down, take in the beauty around you. Then begin the day.


Chookie said...

The clouds were beautiful yesterday afternoon, too!

James Missier said...

What a beautiful rainbow, lovely

patientgardener said...

I like the garden just after it has rained everything smells so much fresher

Michelle said...

Every rainbow is like seeing one for the first time - always a thrill. Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

Beautiful! I think we have had such a dry spell over the last few years we are like kids again when we see the rainbows. Thanks for sharing.