Friday, November 14, 2014

A snob's progress

Being called a 'snob' is something we don't like to hear, but recently I called myself a snob, so that's OK. Because it was true. There I was at the garden centre, in the seed section, looking for radish seeds. They didn't have the packet of 'round' radish seeds I was after, but they did have round radish as seed tapes. Seed tapes? I'm a nut-case keen gardener who grows all sorts of stuff from seed… seed tapes are too easy… they're for beginners

That's when I called myself a snob: I took it on the chin (because it was true) and so I bought the packet of radish seed tapes, planted them, and harvested some of the proceeds this morning. Now I love them! Nice crops and so easy to sow, too. 

Small but perfectly formed, what a sensational combination of
red and green. Now, I don't eat a lot of radishes in salads, but
I do like to chop them finely and use them as a flavour zinger,
much in the same way as you use salad dressings. Besides,
I just love the way they look in bunches. I'd grow them just to
look at them, come to think of it.
Yes, the seed tapes are easy. Just lay them on prepared soil,
cover with a bit more soil, water in and wait. They worked
well and all the seeds came up nicely and grew well. But the
cool thing is that a few weeks after the first sowing, I thought
to myself "I need another 20cm of radishes" so I snipped off
a length of tape, laid it on the soil, covered with soil, watered
in and in about 1 minute the job was done. 

And so this little gardening snob has learned his lesson. Gardening doesn't have to be a test of skill, all it has to do is grow things. Doesn't matter how. I am now a seed tape convert (well, as far as radish growing goes, I am). Not sure what else is available in seed tapes, but next time I see them I'll think "oh goody, seed tapes".


Lanie at Edible Urban Garden said...

Ha! Great. I'm exactly the same Jamie and also turn my nose up at seed tape. Strangely enough, I too have some radish seed tape (because there were no radish seeds....we may have been looking in the same shop). So right now, I am off to plant them! Thanks for the prompt!

Jamie said...

I've noticed there's lettuce in seed tapes. I shouldn't have looked…

Sel said...

*laughs* I accidentally bought some seed tapes yesterday - grabbed a packet without properly looking. My reaction wasn't quite yours, but it was pretty close!

I don't usually plant in rows, so seed tapes are less 'below me' and more 'inconvenient', but then, I'm a beginner at having an actual garden to play in, so it's all new!

Thanks for the laugh, though!