Thursday, November 13, 2014

Garden haikus

Though I rarely these days open a book of poems, I do enjoy reading poetry when I come across it by chance. Recently, an excellent local Sydney food blogger, Padaek, ( has been posting a poem a day, in the form of haiku, and I am inspired to do a couple of my own, thanks to Padaek.

You probably already know what a haiku is. It's from the Japanese literary tradition, and while it may take one of several forms, the most common is this:
3 lines long, 17 syllables in total, first line 5 syllables, second line 7, third line 5.
Or, in haiku style

humble three lines long
just seventeen syllables
sweet short poetry

And so, folks, my first attempt at garden haikus, decorated with photos.

morning dew droplets
twinkling brightly like diamonds
garden jewellery

flowers turn to seed
pods open under sunshine
rain adds green magic

who invented worms?
congratulations all round
excellent idea!

EDIT: I'm on a roll! Just thought of a few more...

visitors drinking
grevilleas’ sweet nectar
breakfast on the wing

tomatoes ripen
slowly, but the insects are
already feasting

lemons juicy sour
glossy green leaves aplenty
such an abundance

brush past sweet basil
pesto fragrance arises
suggesting what’s next


Padaek said...

These are all so excellent haikus Jamie! Love the worm especially. :) Thanks very much for the mention. I thought about leaving a comment in haiku but that would take me at least a day in comparison. Best wishes!

Therese said...

Hi Jamie, I knew that you have many talents but did not know that you are a poet as well?!? Like the "pun" in the little haikus, well done.

Anonymous said...

Oh waw that 1st picture with the droplets is awesome !!!!