Tuesday, July 3, 2018

If raindrops were diamonds ...

If raindrops were diamonds ... I'd be a millionaire. Well, until the sun gets higher in the sky, that is, and then my diamonds would disappear.

One of the most wonderful of gardening's simple pleasures is enjoying the sight of raindrops adding their rounded, watery bling to everything on a damp morning. And the foliage of broccoli and its brassica cousins brussels sprouts and cauliflowers is especially good at holding raindrops in suspended animation. Just sitting there like jewels.

I am sure our own homegrown broccoli is going to taste superb when we enjoy it later this week. It'll almost feel like a shame to cut it down in its prime, but it's not good for your wellbeing to get sentimental about vegetables. Just harvest, cook, eat and enjoy. Keep it simple.

And speaking of simple things, I just have to make one last visit to the jewellery store to admire the shiny object before it's gone.

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