Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Midsummer jungle

It's January 26 today, which makes it Australia Day as well as India's national day (hello India!), and as far as this little gardener is concerned, it's the middle of summer as well, and what a lush, wet, hot, tropical-style summer it has proved to be so far.

So I thought a general "backyard panorama" was in order to mark the occasion. This was taken on my iPhone, and the original image is actually 2 metres across, but I have reduced it to 40cm here, so if you click on the photo itself, on most computers the photo will come up a lot larger (I hope).

Everything is growing very well in these generous conditions of plentiful rain and sunshine. All I have to do is sprinkle a bit of fertiliser on the greediest plants and leave the rest alone.


michelle hamer said...

Lovely! But my iPad doesn't do it justice.

So, if a visitor from California who happens to be a garden fanatic has only 2 days to spend in Sydney, in say the next week or so, where must she visit? The Royal Botanic Garden? Any suggestions?

Jamie said...


Yes, the Royal Botanic Gardens are very nice, plus superb Harbour views from many spots. The other botanic gardens (at Mount Tomah and Mount Annan) are also great, but with only two days allocated they are too far to travel to.

Another spot down by the harbour is "Wendy Whiteley's Garden" (Google it, Trip Advisor has a good rundown on it). It is actually a piece of vacant ground which the wife of one of Australia''s most famous artists had taken over for many years, without the authorities knowing. Eventually it became too well known. Can't imagine this link will work, but try it:


Also, there are some great walking tracks around the Harbour itself. The Manly to Spit Bridge track is great, full of native plants, with spectacular views

The main things for gardeners outdoors right now (and as you are Californian you already know this) is take a hat, sunscreen and lots of water with you. Hope you have a great time!

michelle hamer said...

Jamie, thank you! The links worked. The Secrect Garden and Harbour walks both look like treats.

Sylvia said...

Lovely photo, Jamie. Your garden is so full of colour and I absolutely love how you've planted out around the tree. Glad someone is getting some rain!

Laura Jayne said...

Lovely indeed! In my line of work in Melwood Garden Sheds, I have worked with a lot of garden and backyard clients, but I rarely meet ones who are as hands-on as you are. Keep it up! :)

The Garden Designer | Sydney said...

A lovely garden! I envy (nobly of course), the space is so full of color and the plants are so diverse, congrats for your passion and effort!