Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hot properties

Any doubts that summer is on our doorstep are about to melt away today, with a maximum of 35°C forecast. So, early this morning I was out there with the hose, giving everything – especially the seedlings and the crops – a good soak with the hose. The garden was looking so nice, freshly watered in the morning light, that I thought an official 'mid-spring panorama' courtesy of my iPhone was in order. 

Click on the photo below and it should come up much bigger.

While watering the garden I got to that patch of bright red on the right side of the panorama, where our 'Big Red' geraniums hold court. "Do you need a drink?" I asked of them, and of course I knew that whether or not they had a drink, they'd still be a commanding presence this evening.

However, I am an inveterate garden-waterer, and so I gave the geraniums and their little pink-flowered mates, the two Westringia 'Elizabeth Bough' in front of them a good drink. 

This is the first year of flowering for these westringias, and they're putting on a delicately pretty show that teams nicely with its more raucous friends behind.

The common name of this native plant is "coast rosemary", named for the shape of the leaves, which do resemble rosemary in shape, if not in flavour or culinary uses.

This little thing will, if the label is correct, grow to about 80cm high and wide. We'll see ... as plant labels are more guesswork than science.

And so as this forecast hot day warms up, I know that the least of my worries today are these two waterwise beauties. I didn't really need to water them at all. Both plants can survive on Sydney's plentiful natural rainfall. It's just that I can't help myself. I love watering the garden ... it's pretty much the best thing about being in the garden in the morning.

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