Monday, June 2, 2014

Morning light

Is there a time of day when your garden looks at its best? Here in our garden it's the morning. Our patch faces north-east, and so each day the low morning sunlight flows generously through every leaf, each spider web and anything else which dances in the sunlight (like the glass ornament pictured here, which Pammy bought quite a while ago). Sometimes the light from the glass does a little 'spectrum' thing, bouncing mini rainbows onto walls and, if all the heavens line up perfectly, into the house as well.

I love the morning light here, on sunny days especially but even on the gloomy, soggy ones when rain is setting the mood. It's an unfailing lure to me. From our kitchen it's just a couple of steps more out through the back door, into the garden, and I cannot count the number of times the way the light has played on some little detail is the spark which says "come outside, look at this". 

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