Saturday, September 21, 2013

Water babies

Wednesday morning they looked like they would flower sometime next week, and they were in full bloom two days later, on Friday morning. My Louisiana iris are water babies in a hurry this year, bursting into bloom both fast and early. Last year they came out a week later than this (Sept 28), and in 2010 it was two weeks later, on October 6. And yes, I have blogged about both flowerings (here for 2010) and (here for 2012). We were in the USA for the 2011 flowering and, very sadly, missed it. However, those earlier postings have probably said everything I have to say about our gorgeous blue Louisiana iris, so this time round I'll let 10 photos taken this morning tell the full story of how lovely these flowering pond plants are. Glad they're part of my garden, and happy here. They need next to no care, by the way.


Simone Felic said...

Que maravilhosa flor.

Diana Studer said...

we have a yellow one. Will check if it is thinking ... of flowering soon.