Friday, January 18, 2013

For the record

As this blog is a weather-loving gardener's journal of record, and it being the official, history-of-the-universe hottest day ever recorded in Sydney of 45.8°C, which is 114.44°F on the other scale, I just have to tell the world how hot it was today. It was hot, hot, hot. Blast furnace hot. Weak at the knees after 10 steps hot. I've never felt anything like it before, hope I won't again, but suspect I will if I make it to next summer.

And, please let me also take this chance to record the much less newsworthy fact that here in Marrickville, our humble little thermometer made it all the way to 45.0, which is easily the hottest day since we moved in here back in 1991.

Here's the proof. That's as high as
the temperatures rose here. My biggest
worry was Pammy who was 'out there'
in the city, seeing a client, then doing
some shopping. When she arrived home
after her bus trip and short trudge up the
hill she looked utterly spent. "Just sitting
 in the bus, which had air-con on (and
it wasn't making any difference) the sweat
was dripping off me. I have never been
so hot," she said.
How's the garden? Scorched here and there, a few leaves will have to be snipped off. But I did water everything really thoroughly early in the day, and while the leaves everywhere sagged and wilted, a splash of late afternoon rain helped, and we won't really know until tomorrow morning, when the forecast is much cooler, how everything went.

I hope all my Sydney gardening friends end up with a similar 'slightly scorched here and there but most things survived' story to tell.


Missy Piggy said...

Yep, sure was a hot one today - even worse in Western Sydney. Most of my balcony garden plants look OK...I gave everytyhing a water this morning and they'll get a dousing later tonight too.

Jamie said...

That's good news Missy Piggy. Balconies can be really hot spots, so if they're looking good now, you've made it!

dirtgirl said...

Envious of that late afternoon rain you got there in Marrickville Jamie. We didn't get any here in Ingleburn, so I was out there reviving all the plants late last night after the cool change whipped through. A good downpour might be just what we need. We've had a few of those scorcher days here in the outer suburbs, so the plants although crisped up in places are just hanging in there, but I do wonder how much more of thIs heat they can take!

patientgardener said...

I dont envy you that heat at all. I do hope it passes for you soon. Here we have snow and more forecast for the following week. Somewhere between us someone must have jut perfect glorious weather