Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lighting up Christmas

I suppose all of you have a story like this one to tell, so you could consider this to be just a local posting for inner-westies of Sydney. Get along to Frazer Street in Marrickville, to see what Pam and I think is the inner-west's most wonderfully over-the-top Christmas-decorated house. The owner of this house has been doing it for years, and each year he adds more. Of course it's such a drawcard that parking is a bother sometimes, but last night on our way driving home from an evening out Pam kept saying "don't forget Frazer Street" and so we didn't, stopping off to join the crowds who were there to be awe-inspired, and it didn't disappoint. We both took home little parcels of awe last night.

You can't miss it. It glows from afar, but for the record I think
it's 38 Frazer Street. No sure what Mr and Mrs 36 think of it all.

As well as the house itself there's a second mini house, a
permanent structure (you can check it out by day on Google
Street View) where he adds his nativity scene dioramas.
Whatever you do, don't miss them.
It'd have to be madness or breathaking incompetence to miss
the nativity scene house. Like moths to a flame...

Visitors can make donations there, as I suspect the owner's
carbon footprint could match that of any jet-setting celebrity.

Picky people could ask whether there were '34 Ford Coupes
back in the Holy Land times, but I do admire his desire to
fill every last square inch of diorama space with action.
Finally, for the directionally challenged inner-westies, Frazer
Street runs off New Canterbury Road (at a set of lights), and
the next major street down ('nuther set of lights) is Wardell
Road, and the razzle dazzle is roughly in the middle. Do take
the little kiddies along, they will, like us, be awe-struck.


Ngeun said...

Yes, that's an impressive xmas light display, & the donation box is a smart idea. Would love to see this in real life; hope it doesn't rain.

Lucy said...

I'd . . . er . . . be a bit overwhelmed. I'm clearly appreciation-challenged.