Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Frozen delights

Woo hoo! I've made it into the Arctic Circle with the little red dots of readership of my Garden Amateur blog. See below for what I'm rabbiting on about this time...

I'm talking about that 'Small World' Revolver Map thingy
at the top right side of my blog, where the world
spins around serenely, with little red dots showing the
places where all the blog readers come from. Circled
in green above are the readers from inside the
Arctic Circle. Not sure what part of my semi-
subtropical blog lured them here, probably just
the promise of lush greenery and time to dream. 

For the geographically challenged, this is what
I mean by the Arctic Circle. It's the bit where the
sun don't shine in winter, or where the sun never
sets in summer (depending on how you view that
proverbially half-empty/half-full glass, I guess).
It's the area above latitude 66.6° North.

Down South, there's a whole lot less land inside
the Antarctic Circle which isn't Antarctica. In
fact there's none. The closest I can get a loyal/
occasional blog reader is in the Falkland Islands,
also known as the Islas Malvinas (don't want to
alienate the Argentinian readership!).
A couple of years ago I published a totally fruitless blog posting here begging for someone to contact a scientist/relative stationed in Antarctica, asking them to just visit my blog for a second or two, so I could earn a precious red dot on the icy southern continent. But alas, no such luck. It would be nice to feel that all Continents have readers who drop in here at least once or twice, but this map-loving boy can only hope.

I do always love watching that Revolver Globe spinning around at the top of my blog, so wonderful to think that people as far apart as Alaska, Greenland, Brazil, South Africa, USA, UK, Italy, Yemen, India, Bolivia, Guatemala, Iceland, Argentina, Madagascar, Norway... (you get my continental drift... lots and lots and lots of places)... drop in here occasionally.

So a very big "HELLO WORLD" to absolutely all of you; hope it's all growing well in your little patch, and thank you for visiting my little patch.


Lanie at Edible Urban Garden said...

Excellent. I'll actually be in the Arctic Circle in just over a month. We are going to Norway and Sweden (right up 200km north of Arctic Circle to Kiruna).

Jamie said...

Wow Lanie, colour me jealousy green! I'd love to visit either the Arctic or the Antarctic, so I hope you have a wonderful time there (you're not going ocean swimming, I hope!).

Lanie at Edible Urban Garden said...

Thanks Jamie. I'm sure I will be posting lots of dark, snowy photos. Antarctic (& South Georgia where the king penguins are) very high on my list too.

Ngeun said...

Hello Jamie! These red dots look great, & the Revolver Map is a wonderful idea. I'm getting one! :)

The Gumboot Greener said...

Is this always accurate? I am presuming the one currently flashing up on the map is me and I am not in the suburb it is saying.

Jamie said...

No, it's not always accurate. When I post from Marrickville it says Marrickville, but when I use the wi-fi on my laptop there's a red dot near Alice Springs!

patientgardener said...

Hoorah I remember your post asking for a hit from the Antaratic. Although I notice when I am reading your post it implies I am about 40 miles from where I actually am

Sue @ FiveCourseGarden said...

Do you get excited about red dots from Wellington, New Zealand? I hope so. I just stumbled on your blog -- it's nice to read about another tiny garden that's growing beautiful things to eat.

Jamie said...

Sue, I love red dots over Wellington, NZ!

(A few well-travelled friends were discussing Wellington V Auckland the other day and your ever-so-slightly windy city won their votes as the city to head for on the North Island.)