Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New York Stories (6) – Times Square

Take that, Las Vegas! If you want to see razzle dazzle with some class, head for Times Square in New York. We both liked the experience of walking up 7th Avenue through to Times Square and Broadway on Sunday night (to see some music) so much that we decided to do it again last night, Halloween night, and this time we took our cameras.

As our last posting was all about the wonderful Halloween decorations on houses, this post is really all about 7th Avenue and Times Square. The cute thing about all the Halloween revellers, though, is that the spooky and scary theme is only a small part of it all. In this part of town at least, it was a giant fancy dress ball, with 'anything goes' as the dress rule. Wandering past the throngs on the streets we spotted Superman, Ninjas, Roman Centurions, Zorro, Batman, Hanky Panky Nurses, Strumpets (!), a guy in Lederhosen – you name the costume, they were all out there having fun.

And unlike Las Vegas, which the whole scene reminded me of but surpassed, the atmosphere on both Sunday and Monday nights was of a good-natured party. There were little kids in the crowd with their parents, lots of tourists like us of course, and standing on the edges of it all I must admit, a fairly solid police presence. As well as the action on the main streets, the side streets were alive with light and colour, too.

Anyway, enough blather from me. On with the show: 25 photos taken last night, without any captions, as it was all about the imagery and not the words.

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