Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello Greenland!

Regular readers of my gardening blog might, if they have an exceptional memory, remember a posting I did in October last year, wondering if anyone with a relative serving on a scientific base in Antarctica could persuade them to visit my blog and give me at least one lovely red dot to signify that "I have visited Jamie's blog from here on the icy continent, Antarctica".

So far no luck on the Antarctic front, but yesterday I noticed a red dot in just as good a spot, but way, way up north: the north-west tip of Greenland, with water views of the Arctic Ocean. Hello Greenland! How's your summer going?

Here's a moderately blurry screen grab of the spinning wheel thingy on the right side of this blog, which shows a red dot for every visitor here. While all the visits from Australia, NZ, Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and beautiful islands everywhere are always a pleasure to behold, I've gone all silly about that red dot in Greenland (helpfully circled in green)! And so here's a photo for everyone in the icy north who drops in here, presumably to warm up...

No, this isn't my shot, I pinched it from this website, but I just thought it was appropriate to mark the occasion. I don't grow gerberas and we don't get snow here in Sydney, but I just liked the idea of a flower in the snow (it's almost certainly a florist shop's gerb just bunged into the snow and photographed quickly, before it carked it, but it's art).

I like visiting gardening blogs from all around the world, because they all eloquently say that no matter where you are, there is life growing, and a crazy human is there to lend a hand. There's a famous Australian expression, first coined by a boxing champion from my own suburb, 'The Marrickville Mauler', who, after yet another win in the ring, told his fans "I love youse all".

Looking at that spinning wheel of the Earth, you can see red dots all the way up the northern coast of Norway, into the Arctic Circle; there's one on the western shore of Hudson Bay which I presume is around the town of Churchill in Canada (hi!), I see two lovely red dots on Iceland, and there are red dots on the northern, Arctic Ocean side of Alaska, too. Hi to all of you, too! Thanks for visiting my little green patch here in the temperate zone.

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