Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moon glow

We've been having one of those beautiful spells of clear, cold autumn weather here in Sydney. By our standards nights have been crispy-cold, down to 7°C (brrrr) thanks to the clear skies. Over the last couple of nights the moon has been building up to a perfect full-moon disc, and this morning, when I popped outside to pick up the newspaper, I spotted the full moon setting. In my jarmies, I rushed back inside, grabbed the camera, click click click.

I would like to thank Roger Raven for his cooperation with this photo. No doubt 'Evermore' is what he was saying, but I couldn't catch exactly what he said, he was so far away. (Hint: click on the photo and it will come up much bigger.)

Last night I woke up very early in the morning, and the moon was glowing through every pore in the house. The little dish-shaped cloud-white perspex skylights in our hallway and dining room were so bright you'd swear I'd left the lights on. And the moonglow angling in through the kitchen window was so strong I was tempted to read by it.

I was captivated by the moonlight, and it occurred to me that surely plants must respond to its effect as well. I wonder if they grow a bit more when the full moon is in its pomp?


lotusleaf said...

A beautiful photo! I too think that the moon somehow controls the growth of plants.

Lani said...

Gorgeous photo Jamie. The moon was incredible early tonight too - huge and golden.