Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just watching

Yesterday was a day of a good number of noble intentions, and a lot more rain to wash those plans away. And so I went shopping first of all. New shirts, socks, shoes. My turn to cook, and this roast chicken weather made the menu an easy one to plan. Then home. More rain. Instead of gardening all I could do was watch the rain, and read. And there was lots of rain, but slowly it dawned on me that I wasn't the only one watching the rain. I had company.

Swinging happily from the eaves outside Pam's office/shed, this little fellow didn't seem to mind the grey day. (And this photo is one of Pammy's, not mine.)

Our security guard gnome, Wyatt, is ever-vigilant, but he secretly loves wet weather, and the way raindrops gather in glittery blobs on nasturtium leaves.

Tran just likes to watch. He's seen a lot of things out here in Amateur Land, but he's not telling. He just likes to watch.

And so my good intentions of clipping back the climbing fig which covers our neighbour's garage came to nothing. The succulents will have to wait another day before I repot the old-timers. But in the meantime reading and just watching the rain fall on a quiet Saturday afternoon was a lovely way to spend an autumn day.


Chandramouli S said...

I am like your gnome, Wyatt. Love to watch rains and secretly love the fact that I don't have to water my pots :D. I know that's mean, but I guess I sometimes get tired of watering everyday - and sometimes twice a day during hot days.
Enjoy the rains!

patientgardener said...

I would love some rain here - we have only had rain one night in 6 weeks which is highly unusual for the Uk at thiss time of year