Monday, November 22, 2010

Sweet scents

It will be a major innovation when they finally figure out how to do it, but wouldn't it be nice if someone invented a 'scratch and sniff' widget which you could add to gardening blogs? I have the perfect use for such a nifty little device – my Gardenia radicans is blooming, and as I opened our back door this morning the sweet scent of its blooms was lingering at the door to bid me 'good morning'.

The first, crisp white blooms are out and you can see from all the buds here that over the next couple of days the glossy green foliage will almost disappear under the snowy eruptions.
Gardenias have such a sweet scent that they're probably not everyone's favourite scent. I don't like them when brought indoors. They quickly cloy up a hallway when left in a vase. But diluted with fresh morning air, they're just delightful.

I must admit to being a bit of a 'green and white' fan, which is why I planted gardenias. They're growing in three identical sandstone planter boxes at the edge of our tile-floored pergola area, and are largely trouble-free plants, provided you pander to their greed for food. They'll let you know they need feeding when their leaves turn yellow, which looks alarming, but the dreadful pallor soon passes after a feed.

The gardenias are close to my little water garden, and the whole thing looked very picturesque this morning.

I presume fish can't smell. If they did my goldfish probably would be overwhelmed by being so close to all those sweet-scented blooms. At least the goldfish have something in common with the gardenias – both are shockingly greedy!

And while I'm dreaming of cool widgets to add to gardening blogs, it would be nice to have 'click and listen' as well. While I was outside taking these snaps this morning, the spring-song of birds competed with the gardenia scents in filling the air. The most glorious songsters of all, the magpies, were carolling away from the top of my neighbour's chimney. A red wattlebird sat on the clothesline calling (well, it's more like clucking) for its mate. The red-chested Bulbul has just raised some chicks and cheeped incessantly with indignation at the presence of the big wattlebird. The Blue Wrens, also recent parents, just hoppity-hopped about the place cheeping chirpily as they snapped up their insect breakfasts. And the cheeky New Holland Honeyeaters, with their snazzy black, yellow and white colour scheme that would look good on a sports car, chirruped loudly to his mate (presumably about the abundant grevillea nectar on offer).

Ahhh, spring!


lotusleaf said...

That is a good idea! Imagine getting the smell of fresh flowers from the computer! Your gardenia is full of buds and flowers. Mine is still growing, 2 years after planting.

Shivangni said...

I just adore Gardenias not just because of their scent, but also they remind me of my happy child hood playing in my Grandfather's huge garden. He being a forest officer, knew a lot about plants and I guess seeds of my future hobby were sown then

Chookie said...

We're enjoying our gardenias too! My workplace discovered some years ago that bringing gardenias in from the gardens led to everyone getting headaches, but like you I enjoy the perfume wafting on the breeze outside.

patientgardener said...

scratch and sniff widget would be fab. You can do click and listen by recording the sound (some people do this by taking a short video film on their camera) and then loading it up on the blog

I love your gardenias - think they will be very heady soon even if outside

Maggie said...

Hi Jamie,
I did not keep a list of the old Aussie KGI bloggers.
So this morning as I am planning my Mum's 90th birthday party I googled spinach pie and rediscovered your blog. I also remembered when reading this post that Mum asked me to buy her a Gardenia for her birthday and I had forgotten.
Great to stop by your blog again.

Green thumb said...

It intrigues me to no end to read your blog. Firstly, the idea of such a widget is interesting. I guess its just a matter of time before this becomes a reality. Secondly, the Goldfish in the pot is amazing. Thirdly, you are having spring! Well, quite expected in Australia, but for someone who is preparing for winters, it is intriguing for sure.