Thursday, September 2, 2010

A cure for spammers

Of course we all hate spam and spammers. So far my quiet little backwater of a blog has been free of spammers, but in the last couple of days I've been spammed repeatedly by someone who I can describe only as electronic pond-scum.

Dozens and dozens of my posts have been smeared with the stupid ads of a spammer from far far away, and so I've been forced to turn on the option in my Comments section which means any comments to my blog need my approval prior to making it up onto the site. Sorry about this, but for the meantime I'll be doing this until I think it might be safe to return to normal. So there might be a wait occasionally before you see your comments appear. That's a bummer because I love comments!

The only thing that I can offer by way of constructive suggestion is that anyone caught spamming should be jailed for one year and fed nothing but Spam. That should cure them.

However, I hate to conclude this little text-only posting with jails and revenge in my heart. So please accept 50,000 thanks from me to all the good people who visit my blog. My little visitor-counter thingy at the bottom of the page finally ticked over past that little milestone this week, and so please accept 50,000 thanks all you wonderful people who have visited my blog with the best of intentions (even if you sometimes leave confused!). As far as I can tell, the good people outnumber the spammers by 50,000 to one.


Liss said...

I don't mind having to be approved, although it's extra work for you!

I luckily don't have any spammers on my blog - my facebook site for the blog, well that's another story! Thank goodness for the delete button!

Maybe spammers should lose a finger? That way the more they did it, the less fingers they'd have to do it..

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I´m not sure if Blogger has made the changes over at Yours yet, but here in Sweden they have made a Junk mail file.

If You go to where You post Your blog there´s a file called comments. Click on that and You´ll see three sub files. Publiched comment, Comments waiting for approvel and junk comments. On each place a comment can be marked as a junk comment and deleted. These junk comments will then be easy to get rid of.

I do hope I made myself clear enough now :-)

Have a great day!
Christer, Sweden.

prue said...

I've always thought that spammers-the-bad-guys and spam the product should be made to meet each other in a gruesome fashion. Grr to spammers but yay to your blog!

Lanie said...

I like your punishment for spammers. I worked in a drug rehab house in China back in the mid 90s and breakfast every morning was noodles with chunks of Spam. I wasn't being punished for being a spammer - but I agree that making spammers eat spam would be a good deterant.

Shivangni said...

I don't mind being screened, but what ever the subject of your post, just attach some lovely pictures as well, missed them in this post.

All the best with your fight with cyber criminals

Elephant's Eye said...

I prefer to read all my comments before they are published. Sending spam to the Spam Correction Facility is secondary to the pleasure of reading the genuine spam-free comments. I presume the SCF exists to help email send spam straight to SCF without us bloggers having to see it first!