Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shameless self-promotion

Don't you love those blog comments which go something along the line of "you have a nice blog, and make sure to visit my blog" and then they post a link to their blog? I can just see these people spending countless hours copy-and-pasting the same generic self-promotion into countless other blogs. I hope it works for them. It probably works, much in the same way that I hear Viagra spam emails earn their peddlers large sums of money. (Wonder if that's just a myth? Surely not...) Anyway, I digress before I even started. What follows is just shameless self-promotion of me and my blog, but in the process maybe I might be able to provide you with quite a few new gardening websites that you may not have heard of, courtesy of links to just three other websites.

This is our little patch (a panorama taken late last summer) as I always like to include some kind of photo in every posting. And I guess it is vaguely relevant to shameless self-promotion.

First up, have you ever visited Your Garden Show? Neither had I, but Stacie from Your Garden Show emailed me last week to ask if I wanted to include my garden on her site. While the website offers lots of things, it allows you to upload as many photos of your own garden as you like, just to show others. There are lots of gardens to check out there. Here's a link to our garden, Jamie and Pam's garden, but if you're like me and you love stickybeaking at others' gardens, Your Garden Show is worth a visit.

Second on the list is the result of another email which lobbed in a while ago from Ashley, whose blog title of "construction management degree" didn't exactly remind me of gardening. Yet within his blog Ashley has compiled a list of what he considers are the top 100 gardening blogs in the universe and, aw shucks, I'm in there. Even if you don't agree with Ashley's picks, or that I deserve to be in the top million, there are some interesting new sites to visit there.

Finally, this will be no news whatsoever to any keen gardening bloggers, but if you're a newbie to garden blogging, do drop in on Blotanical. It's a great place to make yourself known, find a zillion other gardening blogs, and get started in garden blogging generally. It's run by a hard-working Australian named Stuart, and it provides a very popular service to gardeners and garden bloggers that's well worth a bit of promotion here.

So there you go, shameless self-promotion dressed up as talking about others. I think I should have had a career in politics. Too late! Oh well, might as well keep on gardening and blogging then.


Rainforest Gardener said...

Thanks for the great links! Be sure to check out my website at... whoops.

Lanie said...

Hey, I don't think that was shameless self promotion. By the way, I love your blog...come and check out mine (oh, that's right you already do)...sorry couldn't help myself.

prue said...

You deserve it all and I love all the links. Blotanical is good, but I feel terrible I haven't visited it in ages. Enjoy the rest of your Winter.

Stacie Shepp said...


Phew...you made me nervous at first :) Thank you for checking out YourGardenShow. I am so glad you liked it, included it in your blog, and started a garden on the site.

Let me know if I can do anything to return the favor!


Jamie said...

Thanks everyone for your kind remarks (hee hee) – and Prue, like you, I haven't actually visited Blotanical for a while, either, but Stuart is a very good fellow for hosting it, and it's a great place for newbies to make a start.

Evelyn said...

Very nice pics of yr garden, Jamie.

Shivangni said...

Yours is the only blog I vist, actually its a daily routine for me now. I anticipate your new postings. Its probably because of the lovely pictures you always include.

I'll visit these other sites too.

Keep it up

the garden harlot said...

so green ! i love the stretch and middle-brick.

Jamie said...

Wow, Shivangni, I feel quite honoured by your kind comment.

And Garden Harlot! We have Photoshop to thank for my stretchy panorama photos. To make them, I take about five or six separate photos in a "pan" style shot, then I use "Photomerge" in Photoshop to make one big, wide photo. They come out a bit strange sometimes (especially around the edges), but I'm addicted to them now.