Friday, June 11, 2010

Daisy's in Heaven

Avert your eyes, sensitive souls, for I have some bad news, amid some good news. The good news is that Daisy is in Heaven (where it doesn't rain at the wrong time of year), but that means the bad news is that Daisy, the beautiful little golden daughter of Mrs Lithops, didn't quite make it here on Earth.

Now, while I am not a believer in blame games, I do think Huey the Rain God has not covered himself in glory with this soggy little episode. Biblical levels of rain, starting just the day after Daisy first peeped out, then continuing for days and weeks thereafter. Downpour after downpour – she didn't stand a chance, really.

Several readers have made supportive comments, willing Daisy along, and I know that they will all share my disappointment. Yet life goes on.

I am pleased to report that Mrs Lithops is taking the bad news well and is getting on with life, which is both sensible and all she can really do. A real trier, she assures me she'll back back next autumn with another little daisy for the world to admire, and I don't doubt her determination one bit.


prue said...

Nooooooo poor little daisy!

Shivangni said...

So sad at this premature end, but we should learn from Mrs L and hope for better results.

Reading your posts in hot summer of New Delhi (Northern Hemisphere) gives me surreal feeling when you talk of autumn.

Chookie said...

Oh dear! Please pass on my condolences to brave Mrs Lithops!

Reilly said...

Oh noes - not baby Daisy! My condolences to the family and especially Mrs L.

Elephant's Eye said...

Aw! Maybe when you repot, put it a little deeper? I think they tend to grow IN the ground, with just the windows at the tips of the leaves exposed on the surface?
Is Australia having a cold winter with Antarctic breezes like us?

Jamie said...

Diana, I didn't know about how deep to plant them. I just repotted it as I found it – in gravel, at the same level. Thanks for the tip.

And yes, lately our weather has been coming from the Antarctic. We had such a long and lovely Indian summer in autumn, then wham! Rain for weeks in May followed by southerly cold breezes in June.

People in the northern hemisphere would laugh if I mentioned actual temperatures, because they're still pretty mild, but by Sydney standards it's been both wet and cold for ages now.