Sunday, May 16, 2010

Waiting in line

Haven't I been quiet lately? Well, yes. Two whole weekends in a row without gardening or blogging, and the truth is that I could get away with a third gardening-lite weekend, as everything is in a 'set and forget' mode at the moment. A few weeks ago I had a huge weekend digging, sowing and planting and since then the seeds have slowly gone about their business of germinating and forming roots and leaves. Early morning sprinkles of the hose from me, and that's all I need to do right now. So here's all the chirpy little seedlings, waiting in line for their turn to become dashing herbs, vegies and flowers a month or so from now.

First stop, spinach and calendula land. Spinach the three rows left, calendulas on the right edge.

Trainee spinach.

Calendula wannabees. Just like in reality TV, some of these hopefuls will be voted off over the coming days and weeks, to make room for the remainder. That's show biz!

The next orderly bed (with sugar cane mulch dividers) features coriander, choy sum, celery leaf plants and baby beetroot.

Beetroot rangas.

Coriander kids

Choy sum punks, too many of them

Slow off the mark, these probably are the celery leaf plant seeds. Who has ever heard of weeds growing in orderly rows? No, these must be the seeds I sowed, probably, I guess...

Next bed, poppy seedlings, and the bare earth at the front now has a long line of the tiniest little baby curly parsley seeds coming up. At last!

Across the way, the flat leaf parsley seeds have turned into seedlings, while the shallot seedlings behind, as usual, are just getting on with business.

Let's finish off with some seed-sowing graduates. The chervil loves the semi shade as much as mint does, but is a lot better behaved. Lovely little herb.

And the oak-leaf lettuce looks lovely in the early morning light. And it ain't half bad in sandwiches, either.

Everyone in Sydney agrees this autumn has been something special. It's still sunny and moderately warm, but the heaters are on at night now, and the weather folk say that it should be colder and wetter this week, and there's not a peep of complaint from anyone. We need the rain, as it has been too dry. And we don't begrudge the colder weather finally arriving, as it is overdue.

This loveliest of all our seasons has been such a kind one to all the plants in the garden. The youngsters are all waiting patiently in line, growing every day, while that old gardener doesn't seem to have much to do and just wanders around taking a few photos, pulling up a few weeds here and there, and stopping occcasionally to look up and that clear blue sky, making sure to remember what a fine, glorious autumn this has been.


Nakia Stewart said...

The plants are looking great! You really do have a green thumb. Keep up the excellent work.

prue said...

cutest little green seedlings. You do manage to grow so much in your garden, it is impressive. I have a few little green seedlings at the moment, mostly coriander. Fingers crossed they don't bolt for a bit.

patientgardener said...

I love seedlings, they are full of so much promise. Hope yours continue to do well

Shailaja said...

A lush herb-veggie garden in the making! Some herbs are off my radar, though -- like the chervil. Something of the parsley family? Punks whether of the choy sum kind or human adolescent kind are too many, and everywhere!

mrsjohn said...

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lindano said...

Dear Jamie, I've just read your book .Well yours and Don's(organic).Lovely!This is where I found your blog.I'll be following from now on.Thanks for the inspiration.Happy gardening Linda Perth WA

Jamie said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone. And Linda, as far as I know you're the first person to find my blog via our gardening book. It worked! Welcome.