Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spring has sprung

That nice, cheery weather expert on the morning radio keeps on chatting up the weather and the coming of spring, and that's been easy for him to do with the fair skies and steadily growing warmth in the air to back his optimism. But what we gardeners really need to see is some evidence on the ground, and today the first really convincing sign of spring appeared here in Amateur Land.

Madames et Monsieurs, presenting Geranium 'Philippe Vapelle', elegant and stylish as ever. Spring has sprung.

If these little geraniums are the first glimmers of spring, these must be the glimmer twins, gleaming in the sunshine.

Winter is drawing to a close and spring is sprouting some new faces to freshen up the place. Of course that's obvious to anyone with eyes or a nose right now. The deciduous magnolias are at their flowering peak right now – stunningly lovely, too – but they're in other people's gardens. I don't have room for one here, but I am so glad so many other gardeners with great big front yards have planted so many of them over the years. Thank you one and all! But magnolias are really a late winter bloomer here in Sydney. And so it's up to the next wave of pretties to usher in the spring. Pretties like little Geranium 'Philippe Vapelle', for instance. Magnifique, Philippe!


Michelle said...

The glimmer twins are lovely! Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, that's when everything is green around here.

Onesimus said...

It was -5 degrees here on the weekend. We still have a long time to go before we see spring in south west NSW.

Heavy frosts can continue into October.