Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vegie patch

A few photos from around the vegie patch

Chinese cabbage, turnips and shallots growing rapidly in autumn. Coriander in the pot in the foreground; fast-growing mustard spinach bottom right.

Baby beetroot seedlings (right) and carrots (left).
The baby beetroot leaves look nice in salads.

Quite a few vegies produce nice flowers, such as these broad bean flowers.

My first go at growing brussels sprouts has gone well. Every seed sown sprouted, and I'll have to thin out seedlings soon, to make space for the adult plants.

Here's a charming photo taken by my wife, of Mr and Mrs Orchard Butterfly making babies. Here, they're in our potted curry leaf tree. As an experiment I planted some of the berries from the tree in a pot. Every one of them sprouted, so it's likely that a curry leaf tree could be an environmental weed. But the orchard butterflies don't care about that!


greengardener said...

Your vegies look great. Wish I could grow Brussel Sprouts like that! Your photo of the Broad Bean flower reminded me of when I grew broad beans for the first time last year, and was surprised with the beautiful flowers they produce. The pods were nice to just pluck from the stems and munch straight into them – what a delight!

The photo your wife took of the Orchid Butterflies is spectacular – she must have been pleased with that shot!

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