Sunday, November 23, 2014

Holiday snapz

Today is the last day of a mini holiday Pammy and I have been enjoying on the far south coast of New South Wales, one of my favourite parts of the planet, and so I have a few holiday snapz to share with you.

All the photos this time come via my iPhone, and this time I discovered the iPhone's "Panorama" setting, which allows you to sweep your camera from left to right – and the iphone takes care of the rest, getting rid of all your wobbles to create a nicely postcard-like image. I love it, and if you click on the photos all of them should pop up much larger and look nicer.
Camel Rock beach, just north of Bermagui.
Looking south from the Blue Pool, near Bermagui
Mount Dromedary, viewed from Bermagui.
Old Tathra Wharf, 40km south of Bermagui
I tried to make the edges of this sandbank, which is about
four feet high, look like it's an impressive cliff formation that
you might find while dying of thirst in the Sahara.
Mystery Bay, so named because in the 1880s a boat was found
washed up on the shore. It should have contained three locals
plus a Government Surveyor and his assistant, but none of
the poor souls was ever found.
Mystery Bay contains a seemingly endless series of beaches.
Wander each beach's length to the rock platform at the end,
round the corner and another beach stretches ahead. 
That's the beauty of the South Coast. Hundreds of miles of
unspoiled beaches, crystal clear water. I hope it stays like this
forever, but the best I can realistically hope for is that it develops
as slowly as possible, and large stretches are marked as
"never to be developed" so future generations can experience
the joy of wandering along miles and miles of natural coastline.
Finally, a few close-ups to finish. Whenever I look down while
walking on beaches, I momentarily think I am in a desert.
What a dazzling colour for a beachside flower. If I was a
bee I could spot it from the next headland.
Seashells, seaweed, bluebottles and driftwood
Finally, here's the best part of the town where we stayed:
the wharf at Bermagui, where fish and chips is a way of life.


Anonymous said...

great pictures !

Padaek said...

Great snapz!! Glad to know you two enjoyed yourself down south. Truly a special place on the planet. Love the Sahara shot!

Shivangni said...

Really beautiful pictures & the Sahara description reminded me of a Hollywood script. You could combine your gift of gab with eye for catching stunning shots for a career in movies maybe???

Jamie said...

Thanks Gwennie.

I'm glad you like the Sahara shot, Padaek: it's probably my favourite, because I manufactured it out of something relatively ordinary.

And thank you Shivangni, but I don't think Hollywood would be all that interested in a 61-year-old gardener, no matter what I said or did!