Saturday, May 21, 2016

Stinky does it again

When do stapelias bloom? When they feel like it, it seems. Mine is blooming now, mid-May. But the last time it bloomed was in 2015, January 3. Here's the post from back then. 

The previous post says most of what I know about stapelias, but I would like to thank the very cooperative blowfly who stayed perfectly still on a nearby pebble while I took this photo with my phone. The poor blowfly is wondering "where's my rotting flesh, I want to lay eggs on it?" but alas, the stapelia is smarter than the average fly, which is not really saying a lot, other than "ain't nature wonderful".


Ngeun said...

Great looking flowers and perfect photo! Dear Louie. :)

Shivangni said...

Nice, at least in pictures they look so pretty without the odour.
We got respite from searing heat with a short spell of rain and thunder, thank you. Hope monsoon graces us soon. My plants are hanging in there by tenterhooks