Sunday, May 27, 2012

Head in the clouds

I think I've had my head in the clouds ever since I could see. Endless beauty and variety, for all eternity. Love clouds. This evening, as Pam and I arrived back in Newcastle for just another day or so more, we got back into our apartment just as a change in the weather was coming in off the ocean. Lit by the rapidly setting sun, they looked glorious certainly, and much more ominous in fact than the benign forecast of 'scattered showers' promised by the weather bureau. Pam had time to snap off a few shots before the light faded, and alas, I had time for a particularly banal pan shot, too.

Weather buffs can name all the different cloud types; I fall
short of that standard, but this looks like a crowd of clouds to me.

The surf here at Newcastle Beach is usually very quiet and
gentle, but tonight it's making a lot of noise and froth, even
if the breakers still aren't all that tall. In the distance, the
glowing light is a painting in itself.

The fuzziness of this shot is due to the salt spray, which we
can feel on our faces, up here on the eighth floor. The
English painter Turner would be proud of Pammy's shot.

Unfortunately I never have a clue what I am about to say when I press 'go' on my little digital camera, and so indeed I have used the word indeed at least once too often with this commentary, indeed.

It's a tragic admission, but I do love clouds, and the weather. Always will. Give me a quiet hilltop all on my own, nothing else to do and I'd happily spend the whole day there just daydreaming and watching the clouds roll by.

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patientgardener said...

My posts can be repetitive and I seldom read them back before posting them but then I like the instant sense of the posts. Nice skies. I never seem to have my camera with me when I see good skies