Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The hen and her chickens

They're making babies in our succulent patch right now. Mrs Hen has produced a lovely brood of little green chickens, and I feel like a proud Uncle.

They're some sort of Sempervivum and they're enjoying this warm
autumn we're having. In fact, I should say "warm, wet autumn"
because that's how it has been here lately.

Such easy plants to grow, the sempervivums. I put them in the wrong spot when I first planted out the new succulent bed. I had them too far back and these little ground-huggers were swamped by their happy, taller neighbours growing much too big too soon. So I unceremoniously yanked the sempervivums out of their initial spot, popped them into the patch right on the edge of the pathway, and they've just got on with life, enjoying the extra sunshine. Cheep cheep!