Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hello, Instagram ...

File this one under shameless self-promotion ...

I have joined Instagram, and you can find me under the name


Pictured above is the full photo which is the basis for the tiny little photo that is my Instagram "Profile" shot. You might notice it has some garden gnomes in it. I do like garden gnomes, but my Instagram feed isn't all garden gnomes ...

... In fact what I am doing on Instagram is posting lots of photos from my last 10 years of garden blogging, as a way of learning how Instagram works, so I can be the IT guy for my darling girl, Pammy, who is now also on Instagram, with her much more interesting array of paintings and other artworks. 

You can find her at @pamelahorsnellartist

So now we're an Instagram family.


A Casa Madeira said...

Que lindo!
Adorei conhecer o blog.

Jamie said...

Obrigada Janicce!