Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Breakfast bowl

I'm sometimes accused of being a bit of a hopeless romantic, so let me appall you with this miserable idea: if a plant pops up in your garden and you don't know what it is, take it from me, there's a 99% chance it's a weed.

Note there's a loophole here, the bit about "you don't know what it is". When a plant pops up in your garden without you planting it – and you do know what it is – it's probably something self-seeded from an existing plant, or a survivor from your compost heap, like this delicious strawberry patch.

This morning's harvest of strawbs will soon be the star
of a healthy breakfast, but you do have to do a tiny
bit of work for your sweet reward. Some strawberries are
brazen crimson show-offs that are easy to see, but a lot of
them lurk under the foliage, and so a bit of peek-a-boo
work is needed to provide a full breakfast.


Northern Shade said...

Hoe fortunate to get volunteer strawberry plants. I wish that all of my surprise plants were strawberries. I usually get more of the usual suspects of less welcome visitors.

Northern Shade said...

That was supposed to be "How".

Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

Northern Shade, for some strange reason we Australian gardeners don't use the term 'volunteer' to describe plants such as my strawbs, and I think we should. I like 'volunteer' very much!

Lithopsland said...

Excellent! What a great offering from the supermarket surprise. How were they, similar to the original or better?

Erin Napper said...

Hehe :) I like "volunteer" too.
Why strawberries, how kind of you to volunteer to fill my tummy!

I love your work Jamie! I found your blog when I was researching how best to grow poppies in the Blue Mts and have been inspired by your posts, not to mention learned a thing or two along the way!

Jamie said...

Lithopsland, the flavour is very good so far, but the shapes and sizes are all over the shop, nothing like the uniformity of commercial punnets. And while I do take "most' of them inside to share with Pammy, I feel duty-bound to wash one or two under the tap then scoff them before I get to the back door. Time-honoured tradition, harvest munchies.

And thanks for your comments Erin. I'll drop in and check your blog now, too.

Lanie at Edible Urban Garden said...

I love it when 'good' things self seed! Such lovely surprises.